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We are Mad Artwork

Terese Tezzi Persson – lead vocals
Andreas Berglund – drums
Daniel Dluzewski – bass
Gabbi Dluzewski – guitars
Simon Forsberg – acoustic string instruments

It was clear from the very beginning that Mad Artwork was going to be an expressive rock band. Along with dedicated and skilled musicians I wanted to create limitless music full of passion. A condition was to never be afraid of breaking genre specific rules and always follow the music, even if it would take us in unexpected directions. Still, I wanted to create music that was bold but not exclusive. I also wanted to achieve something that would leave you touched but at the same time unsure of what will happen next – a Mad Artwork.
/Gabbi Dluzewski

Terese Tezzi Persson


Gabbi Dluzewski


Simon Forsberg


Andreas Berglund


Daniel Dluzewski