Välj en sida

Yesterday (monday) the whole band arrived to the studio in Uppsala. We are happy to have some time together and create some wonderful music!
We can also announce that Erik ”Errka” Petersson will be our organ- and keyboardplayer during the I Still Breathe Tour. This cooperation feels very promising and he’s doing a great job. It’s a cool feeling to play with a real organplayer…when you feel the vibrations from the leslie in your stomach, you just know it sounds good!
Today we started our rehersal week, both with some new tunes and some old ones. It just sounds great. After this weeks 9-17 work, we will be prepered for a rocking 2011!
Today we have been doing a whole lot more than just rehersing, we are like eager beavers… We had a long chat with a reporter from the local newspaper in Uppsala. The article will be published on friday. As soon as we finished the interview we went straight to the local radiostation and had a long interview. Earlier this morning we acctually did some acoustic versions on one old song ”The Magic Sun” and a fresh composion that remains untitled, these songs will be aired on friday after 15.00!
This is it for today… We will give you some more updates about anything and everything tomorrow.
Sleep tight (I will certainly sleep tight…),
Gabbi & Mad Artwork (who is already sleeping)