Välj en sida

I’m one day late with our tour update… Actually I’m two days late. I started to write earlier today (Saturday) but did never finish because we were busy with everything else. Now the clock is 03.10 after midnight, me and Simon are going to create a hotel ”I’m to tired to sleep” masterpiece! Tomorrow we’ll upload some pictures and a link to the radio interview from yesterday.

Day 5

Today we slept a little longer than usual. After breakfast we packed our tour bus and went straight to Hudiksvall! The whether is bad, it’s cold and snowing all the time so we had to drive very slow and carefully. We had a solid dinner at the local restaurant and entered the stage like rolling stones. But what a gig! If we’re going to keep this speed of progress through whole tour the finale in Uppsala will really be something to remember. We had a great time today.

Day 4

Today we did have our tour opening in Gävle! After a day from hell with a broken tour bus, a final rehearsal with all tour equipments and no food at all, we finally got ourselves a meal (breakfast) on the bus during our way to CC-puben. We did a great gig, we played better than a tour opening gig should be played.  The feeling on stage was great! I feel sorry for all of you who didn’t have the possibility to come and see us, but there will be more chances to see and here us and then we’ll be even better! After a great job from 08.50 o’clock on the morning to 03.30 o’clock after midnight we finally got some sleep. A new day tomorrow in Hudiksvall!
Sleep tight!
/Gabbi, Simon and sleeping Mad Artwork