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Reflections of a Bouzouki player

Being the one with the odd instrument you constantly get to hear these really funny comments like ”bazooka höhö”.
It may have been fun the first, second or even seventh time but not the seven hundred. Last night though we had this wonderful sound engineer that coined the ultimate name. Because of that I would hereby like to make an announcement. From now on my Bouzouki will be referred to as The Ten-stringed Mandolin Of Doom.
/Bouzouki-Simon of doom

As usual I’m one day late with the blog update. And of course the time is past midnight, but for me it’s still Monday. Simon, Daniel and Ante are playing a football game, Therés is sleeping and Errka is doing homework.
Here is the radio program with us talking about the tour and playing acoustic versions of two songs. If you listen to the program that was broadcasted 15.00-15.30, our part is starting after about 12 minutes. And here you can read about us and our tour in Uppsala’s local newspaper, UNT.

Day 7

Today we had a slow start. The weather was wonderful, it was like heaven to lie in a warm, soft and big bed and looking out over the frozen lake. But nothing lasts for ever. We had to pack the tour bus and head for Örnsköldsvik! What a great gig! I’m worried, are’nt bands supposed to do bad gigs sometimes..? The stage was cool with an extra platform even for the organ, leslie and keyboards! Thanks to everybody who came and made this night a great time.

Day 6

Today we have one day off. We are just going to have a great time together. We’ll hang out in a castle at Svanö, that’s on the way to Örnsköldsvik were we’re going to play tomorrow.
Thanks for today, tomorrow we are going to rock in Umeå!