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We wish you a Happy New Year!
We kick off the new year fresh and strong with sending you greetings straight from our guitar session in Piglet Records studios. Even though we might not feel so fresh and strong after some boiling hot days in the studio, it sounds wicked! What I imagined to hear when I was listening to the drum and bass recordings, I now hear for real. So far we have screaming guitars, bass that makes you hesitate about your guts and drums like dynamite. What more do you need…?
For many years I’ve tried to persuade Daniel that you don’t need anything more than guitars…look how happy he looks, I think he agrees!

Too few heads? We’ll see what I can do about that while recording guitar solos.

Some of you may know (from the last update) that we entered the gladiators arena for bands and record labels a while ago…we can now reveal that the contract has travelled over the pond and arrived in UK.

And with that we leave 2013 and look with joy on 2014 which will be a a year in true Mad Artwork-spirit.