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Time for Bouzouki-Simon to turn this record into a true masterpiece by shredding his lute! Let me show you how it all turned out.
”Now when I’ve got my drink…let’s do this!”

”C, B…what was it next?”

”I nailed it on my first take. Couldn’t have done it better myself. I feel harmony around me, it must be this miracle drink, let’s take one more sip…”

”Ask me to take it again and I’ll kill you.”

We are proud to announce that we have written a contract with Copro Records in UK. The result of this will be the release of our first album. But about this we will come back with more information.
Re-released video! Do you remember the first video from our 2013-video-series? Here it is, enjoy and spread while waiting for next time.
Up next: Bouzouki-Simon in studio part II.