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We will have some friends playing on this record and we’re happy to introduce you to the first one!
There’s a part on one of the songs where we have felt it would fit perfectly with something that sounds like water drops. But not as wet as real water drops, just the feeling of water drops. What to do, what to do? Tablas of course!
Since we have seen Håkan Almqvist in every possible constellation, from rock bands to indian folk music, he was the natural choice for us. We had a nice time when he joined us in the studio to record some freaking cool tablas. This is how it looked!

Apart from our progress in the studio we think it’s time to give our live nerve a small tickle, so next friday, 4/4, we’ll do a minor guest appearance on a club in Uppsala. We’re looking forward to meet all of you that will see us for the first time, but we also hope to see some familiar faces.
I’ll keep you posted!