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We’re not only keeping secrets, being out having fun on stage or doing other mad whimes, we also work. Some of us are getting more and more Mad At Work…Ante telling jokes to his friend Mr. Scull Shaker.

So we’re done with, for some, the most important part…percussion! We took a trip to Antes practicing room where we had unlimited possibilities and just had to let the mad animal inside him go loose. And he did. Big orchestral toms, cymbals, marimba…you name it. If you’re a big fan of percussion orchestras, so far this is the record for you!

This weekend our Mad Queen is doing a show in Belgium at PPM Fest with the great project EPYSODE. I can highly recommend you to take a listen to their stuff! But still no one knows who she is…
Next up will be Mad Hammond Wizard Andreas Hellkvist in studio part I.