Välj en sida

As some of you may know we’ve been without a singer for a while. Our search for the final piece of MA has been going on every day. It has been many ups and downs… The ups has been that we have met some great singers. The downs has been the days we’ve booked a meeting with a singer and been waiting in the studio without any singer showing up. We have also been privileged to do some great projects with different singers, for example our latest tour with Malin Brudell. So we thank everybody that was interested in working with us, keep on rockin’ – you’re awesome!
The whole thing started while celebrating one more year as a band, we were on a festival to enjoy music from the audience once in a while, suddenly we saw a character on stage that just made everything go in slow motion. The things around seemed grey and mediocre when she ruled that smokey stage. Tezzi had such a power and attitude that the four of us got speechless. We just looked at each other, thinking the same thing – She is the final part of Mad Artwork. After some contact we had a first meeting and everything fell into place, the circle was complete. Welcome to the mad family, Tezzi!

Photo by Olivier Bourgi

While working with our studio recordings we’ve secretly been rehersing and last weekend we did our first full show together on a really nice venue in Södertälje. Thanks to all of you who came to support us! We can also announce one more date for our upcoming tour, 30th of August at Brunnsängsdagen in Södertälje.