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Day 5
Here’s a picture of yesterdays stage!

Today was one of those tour days that wasn’t too fun. We got to know that our show tonight is cancelled and we worked the whole day trying to find a replacement venue but it didn’t work out. But it’s okey, we know how to deal with this stuff…we projected our aggressions on each other, we had a tour-vehicle-fight so everything’s fine now.

We drove to Stoke, tomorrows city and had a great evening off instead. Maybe get some sleep?

Day 6
After sleeping 13 hours (!!!) we’re now fit for fight. We woke up in the bus behind todays venue in Stoke. We’ve been drinking coffee, relaxing, seen a bit of the city and now it’s soon time to unload all gear and build the stage. I’ll return with information after tonights show!

What a night, this tour gets only better. It was a great venue with a great audience and we’re looking forward to come back soon again.

/Gabbi & Mad Artwork